Nina McIntire

April 22, 2016 • 7:30 p.m.
First United Methodist Church

Ivory Fantasy The new Style of Piano Music! Classic music need not always be Classical.

Would we connect Michael Jackson with traditional lullabies? And what has an earthy Delta blues to do with the mood of a Norwegian dawn? To find the answers to these questions we need to look into Ivory Fantasy, the latest project of the artist Nina McIntire, who is compositionally fusing the most famous works of great masters of past centuries with modern hits. The result is an incredibly revolutionary style of modern popular piano music with a sound which is so unique, so dynamic, so explosive, the resulting sparks burst into a musical display of fireworks that must be seen and heard to be believed.

Fans and followers of Nina McIntire who describe the ease with which she performs on the piano as 'child's play' could often be taken literally. This talented artist and performer, born and raised in St. Petersburg, was playing her first songs on the piano almost before she could walk. This extraordinary musical talent certainly did not go unnoticed when, at the tender age of four, she took up the violin, the instrument which accompanied her during her professional musical studies in Moscow.

At the age of 24 she completed her degree in Master of the Fine Arts at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and was soon an extremely sought-after violin soloist, giving concerts world-wide.

Her love for the piano has never waned and she has recently been very active on the international music scene as a pianist, presenting her latest project 'Ivory Fantasy', a fascinating combination of classical music and her own compositions arranged in a revolutionary modern style, integrating a variety of musical genres such as ragtime, jazz, pop and blues. The popularity of this project is already reflected in the extremely successful concerts in Finland, Russia, Germany and the United States.

Partial funding is from the Wyoming Arts Council through the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wyoming State Legislature, Natrona County School District No. 1, and the Schneider Fund in the Casper Area Community Foundation.

Co-sponsored by Wyoming Music.

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