Pat Patton: A Passport in Song

March 21, 2021 • 4:00 p.m.
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

Dan and Patty Goble with Russell Hirshfield were originally scheduled for our March 21, 2021 performance, but are unable to join us due to the ongoing pandemic. Casper's own Pat Patton will be joining us in their place.


When people ask him, "What kind of music do you do?" Pat Patton says, "Just look at me. It's going to be ... "vintage"!

Pat is best-known as retired Director of Choral Activities at Casper College. However he has travelled the world directing and adjudicating choirs and entertaining. He was on two USO tours to Asia during the Vietnam War and crossed the nation and Scandinavia with Up With People as music director and lead guitarist. He's conducted and sung on four continents as well as singing and managing the entertainment in and out of bars and restaurants in Casper in the late 70's.

COVID-19 trapped the Pattons at home. No travel. No performances around town. No choirs or adjudications. No guest conducting. No horseback riding (too cold). No dinners out. Nothing! As a result, Pat has been playing 2 or 3 different guitars and his ukulele (with the PA on full blast!) since last March. It's driving Marcia crazy!

In any case, this afternoon he's bringing his favorite instruments and since we can't really GO anywhere yet, he's going to take you on a little journey around the world. Hope you can sit back and enjoy. If not, feel free to leave ... we'll just rattle on. Oh ... and thanks for the invitation Artcore!


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